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we can modify the product according to clients requirement. For example, we modify the school bus tracking system to needs of peculiar school. We tailor the products to ones requirement.

Trail Packs

Trail packs are available for few products where the client can use the product for few days and decide whether to buy or not. He can even check whether the product really suits his environment.


Reducing deviation is common solution to increase business profit. All our tracking system increases the profit margin by allowing the customer to monitor and evaluate the customer’s asset continuously. This helps the business to bring the emergency changes immediately.


We know the value of your time. Lot of workforce and time is spent in vehicle monitoring system to monitor them manually. It creates lot of tension and puts the owner in stress resulting in serious health issue. Timely reach of deliverables is the very basic success of all business.


The payment mode is very simple and safe. He can make payments online or come directly. He can just select the product-monitoring system or tracking system he can make at his ease.


He can view all the products demo online. A team of customer support work in back end to demonstrate all products and its working environments even they are detailed on the infrastructure they require if any.

Customer Service

We always stand first in customer portfolio for providing best customer support. We support all or clients all twenty four hours and three sixty five days. This feature has created a extended list of customers.

Alerts and Feeds

We keep the customer updated. If any advancement is made in the purchased product the customer is given a alert. Newsfeeds on products are updated daily to bring awareness about the current trend in technologies and latest inventions in the products. So the customer can adopt for the advanced feature of the product.

Global Market

We always check whether all our products adhere to global standards and quality. Accurate precision without any time delay is the key to our business success and thereby win the global competitive market.